Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Shorne Parish Council


Robin Theobald chairman
Tel: 01474 823674
Mrs T Martin clerk
70 Colyer Road
DA11 8AY
Tel: 01474 320824
David Hart webmaster
38 Marling Way
DA12 4DN
Tel: 01474 352481
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View of Shorne from Butchers Hill

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Welcome to this Shorne Parish Council website which provides residents and those interested in our parish’s activities with the most up to date information on local news and issues affecting our community.

Please follow the "site map" link shown on this page for the latest news stories and to catch up with current developments.

The parish of Shorne is located halfway between Gravesend and the City of Rochester. Its boundaries stretch from the river Thames to the A2 main road between London and Dover.

Despite its location the parish largely retains its largely rural character. The Parish Council is determined to protect this natural environment – our beautiful woods, fields and hills – against any threats of urban and commercial expansion.

Parishioners are welcome to get in touch with the Parish Clerk or individual Councillors, through the contact details provided on this website, on any matters of concern or where advice or assistance is required.



  Shornemead Crossing Closure

  Kent County Council turn down

  Shorne Parish Council’s

  claim to legal right of way at

  Shorne Mead Level Crossing


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