Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Shorne Parish Council

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The KCC have relaid the footway in Marling Way in Black Asphalt.

The cost involved in replacing with the existing Red Tarmac is prohibitive.

After complaints from parishioners, KCC placed red bricks on the Parish Boundary.

The Boundary bricks will now be placed between 63 and 65, and on the North side of Astra Drive, the corner of Valley Drive between 407 and number 1 Marling Way and between 409 Valley Drive and 2 Marling Way as clarified with Gravesham.


Permission has been granted by Gravesham Borough Council.


I live in Shorne West and walk my dog through these woods daily, lately I have noticed that the Elm trees are all dying off, this is not normal autumnal leave drop the trees appear to be diseased. Leaves are wilted and dead with whole tree's affected. I have also noticed that since the woods were thinned out last year by the council that far more trees than normal have come down during both winter and summer storms. The state of the trees is extremely worrying and if it is Dutch Elm Disease could affect other woods in the area.

Claylane Woods are in very poor condition both environmentally and socially, the woods are abused by kids on motorbikes and with air rifles making walking through there at certain times of the day extremely hazardous. There doesn't appear to be an obvious solution to this other than calling the police or adding gates to access ways. It would be a loss to the community to see these woods destroyed by either disease or those using it inconsiderately

The Parish Council have been notified.


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