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Shorne Parish Council


Robin Theobald chairman
Tel: 01474 823674
Mrs T Martin clerk
70 Colyer Road
DA11 8AY
Tel: 01474 320824
David Hart webmaster
38 Marling Way
DA12 4DN
Tel: 01474 352481
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 View of Shorne from Butchers Hill

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Welcome to this Shorne Parish Council website which provides residents and those interested in our Parish’s activities with the most up to date information on local news and issues affecting our community. Please follow the "site map" link shown on this page for the latest news stories and to catch up with current developments.

The Parish of Shorne is located halfway between Gravesend and the City of Rochester. Its boundaries stretch from the River Thames to the A2 main road between London and Dover. Despite its location the Parish largely retains its largely rural character. The Parish Council is determined to protect this natural environment – our beautiful woods, fields and hills – against any threats of urban and commercial expansion. Parishioners are welcome to get in touch with the Parish Clerk or individual Councillors, through the contact details provided on this website, on any matters of concern or where advice or assistance is required.


Kent County Divisional

Boundary Review –

Have Your Say!

Shorne is currently part of the Gravesham Rural division of KCC, which covers all the villages and rural areas of the Borough.  Our Kent County Councillor is Bryan Sweetland. 

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is currently carrying out a review of the electoral divisions in Kent.  The stated aims of the review are to:-

Improve electoral equality by equalising the number of electors each councillor represents;
Reflect community identity;
Provide for effective and convenient local government.

In order the balance the numbers of electors served by each of Gravesham’s five County Councillors, one of its recommendations is to remove Lower Shorne from the KCC Gravesham Rural division, together with Higham and all the area north of the A226, and to place them in a new “Gravesham North” division which would also include Chalk, Denton, and all of Gravesend riverside as far west as Asda.  At the same time, the Gravesham Rural division would be extended to include half of Riverview Park.

The recommendations also impact on the electoral wards for Shorne Parish Council.  The proposal recommends the removal of Lower Shorne from the “Shorne Village” ward and establishing a new “Shorne North” ward to cover Lower Shorne and the area north of the A226.  The current “Shorne West” ward would be discontinued and merged with the remaining part of the Shorne Village ward.

The Parish Council believes that the proposed changes to the county divisional boundaries and to the parish electoral wards are flawed and misguided.  We consider that the arbitrary removal of Lower Shorne and Higham from the Gravesham Rural county division and placing them in a new division which includes the urban areas of Denton and Gravesend riverside does NOT reflect the community identity, nor does it make geographical or electoral sense. 

We also consider that the proposal to create a new Shorne North parish ward, and to discontinue and merge Shorne West parish ward with the remnants of Shorne Village parish ward, would not represent to wishes of the local communities and would not be reflective of the community identities or the distinct characteristics of the areas.

The period for consultation on the recommendations closes on 6 July 2015.  Shorne Parish Council intends to make its views known to LGBCE, and we would encourage parishioners to make their own submissions to the Kent electoral review by sending an e-mail to, or by writing to:

   The Review Officer (Kent)

   Local Government Boundary Commission for England

   14th Floor Millbank Tower



   SW1P 4QP

Further information on the review can be found online at



Wanted - Volunteers for

Footpaths Vegetation








        London Paramount





Shorne’s green and pleasant land under threat if developers get their way

Shorne Parish Council

condemns Gravesham


Green Belt plans

Shorne Parish Council has voted to oppose Gravesham Borough Council’s plans for a Review of Green Belt boundaries in the Borough because of the destruction which they believe this would create to the Green Belt in the area.




National Clear Up Day

Big success for Community Clear Up Day in Shorne - a dozen bags of rubbish collected plus some heavy metal!
On 21 March 2015, the first day of spring, and in support of the first ever national Community Clear Up Day, nine hardy Shorne residents, including five Parish Councillors, braved the wind and rain to collect litter from the roads in Shorne. 
12 bags of rubbish were collected altogether, as well as number of bulky items, including a lamp standard, which were found secreted in the hedgerows.
The exercise was led by Parish Councillor Bob Lane who pointed to the value of community efforts of this kind to keep our neighbourhood looking smart.




Shornemead Crossing Closure

Kent County Council have rejected Shorne Parish Council's claim to a legal right of way over Shorne Mead crossing which was arbitrarily closed by Network Rail in November 2009.


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